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AzMERIT Sample Paper Report – EOC Algebra I /core/fileparse.php/1972/urlt/AZ-Paper-Sample-EOC-Algebra-I.pdf
AzMERIT Sample Paper Report – Math Grade 6 /core/fileparse.php/1972/urlt/AZ-Paper-Sample-Grade-6-Math.pdf
AzMERIT Sample Paper Report – ELA Grade 3 /core/fileparse.php/1972/urlt/AZ-Paper-Sample-ELA-Gr3.pdf
AzMERIT Sample Paper Report – ELA Grade 9 /core/fileparse.php/1972/urlt/AZ-Paper-Sample-Grade-9-ELA.pdf
AzMERIT Family Report Guide – English and Spanish /core/fileparse.php/1972/urlt/AzMERIT-Family-Report-Guide.pdf
Here are samples of the AzMERIT Family Score Reports for both ELA and Math. There is also a Family Report Guide to help parents and students understand the different sections of the Family Score Reports.
Online Reporting System (ORS) User Guide (Coming Soon)
This guide provides an overview of the Online Reporting System, and describes how to retrieve district, school and student results for the 2019-2020 AzM2 administrations.